Porsche 993 2 S Coupe Tiptronic S

Initial reg. 09.03.1997, 86.125 km

well maintained and rare Porsche 993 Carrera 2S Coupe, with only 86tkm, Classic Data condition 2


Initial reg.09.03.1997
km86.125 km
Interieur261 Leather black
Capacity3.600 ccm
Performance210 kW
Price89.500,- €
MwSt. ausweisbar

Model History

In the model year 1997 the Carrera S was added to the 993 model range. It was built in the model year 1997 and 1998. The Carrera S corresponds to the Carrera 4S in terms of body and equipment. The only technical differences: The Carrera S has no all-wheel drive, no turbo chassis and no turbo braking system. On the outside, the Porsche 993 Carrera S can be distinguished from the Carrera 4S by the "Carrera S" lettering on the boot lid in steel gray color. Even more striking is the split spoiler grille in the Carrera S (in contrast to the Carrera 4S) and painted in the vehicle color. Because of a central web in the spoiler grille, the impression of a double grille is created. In addition, the front and rear turn signals are yellow and not white and red. The brake calipers are black and not red. The Carrera S was delivered with 17-inch wheels as standard.

Only 3714 units of the Carrera S were produced during its two-year construction period:


well maintained and rare Porsche 993 2S Coupe, with only 86tkm and very good equipment.

Delivered for the first time in Japan and carefully maintained there, this 2S sunroof coupe was brought back to Germany in 2015 and has been held in one hand ever since.

The vehicle is accident-free and is technically and optically in perfect condition, a Classic Data report with grade 2 and 110,000 euros is available.

The body is scratch and dab free, and the gaps are a perfect fit.
The interior of the black leather interior is in perfect original condition, all instruments and controls are in perfect working order.

The turbo hollow spoke rims are all four free of damage, have very good tires and sit on discreetly sporty spacers.

The engine is absolutely dry and runs very soft and powerful.
The Tiptronic S circuit also performs perfectly.

There is a folder for the vehicle with invoices from the last inspections and the test reports.

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Call us on TEL 04624-8031931


Paintwork: Indian red
Upholstery: black leather

Tiptronic S with steering wheel gearshift
rear wiper
air conditioning
Colored glazing with green wedge windscreen
Litronic (Xenonlich)
Sports suspension lowered from the factory
Reinforced battery
Differential gear with limited slip
Headlight cleaning system
Turbo rims aluminum
Steering wheel with Tiptronic control
Radio Porsche Classic with navigation
Car alarm
Window lifters left and right
Power steering
central locking system
board computer
Leather steering wheel and gear lever
double airbag
Trunk with velor trim
electrical seat-adjustment
Wheel cover in color
Rear speakers

tool kit

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