Mercedes-Benz 280 SE 3.5 Flachkühler-Coupe W111

Initial reg. 17.03.1971, 72.800 km

Fantastically original W111 3.5 liter flat cooler coupe with air conditioning, sunroof, automatic and more …


Initial reg.17.03.1971
km72.800 km
ColorHorizonblue 304
InterieurLeather darkblue
Capacity3.499 ccm
Performance147 kW
Price135.900,- €
MwSt. nicht ausweisbar

Model History

As the W 111, the Coupé and Cabriolet initially featured the same sedan model 220 SE as 220 SEb / C. In contrast to the previous model, the coupe based on the unabridged frame-ground system of the associated sedan and was thus a full four-seater. Coupé and sedan also have many similarities in style, but could not be used by the raw components of the four-door not a single for the coupe or convertible. For coupes and convertibles four times as many parts were made by hand as for the sedan. These C models were the last largely handcrafted Mercedes, which is why the price of coupes and convertibles was almost twice as high as that of sedans
Another externally recognizable facelift was the W 111 from 1969 with the introduction of the 3.5 -liter V8 engine with 200 hp, as the front end got a flatter bonnet and a lower grille. The models were then distinguished from then on the (unofficial) designations "high cooler" and "flat cooler". The Coupe 280 SE 3.5 with the eight-cylinder engine M116 is a coveted vehicle of this series.


Fantastically original and very well-equipped W111 280 SE 3.5 liter flat cooler Coupe from only 3 hand and in rare elegant color combination horizon blue with leather dark blue.

This coupe is accident-free and even proportionally carries the first paint.
Neither on the bodywork nor on the subfloor could any corrosion damage be detected by a surveyor.

As it is very rare to notice that it is an unwelded and unrestored Orignalfahrzeug, only the sides and the boot lid have a repainting in the same color as the side marker lights have been removed. The overall condition of the chrome parts can be described as very good, and in the window area, the first original strips and seals are still in good condition. Even the windows are still the first.

The dark blue leather upholstery is also largely original and in exceptionally good condition, only one lane of the driver’s seat appears renewed.

The wood parts in the area of ​​the dashboard and the air conditioning can be described as well above average and is also original.

All switches and buttons of the operating instruments work flawlessly,
just like the air conditioning and the steel sunroof.

The trunk floor is free of any corrosion, and is provided with an original rubber mat.

Engine and transmission are in remarkably good condition and the number of original numbers could be determined, thus Matching Number.

This coupe is completely Germanized, headlights, speedometer and counter are in kilometers, the side marker lights have been professionally removed.

There were new investments in maintenance service, renewal of numerous rubber bearings of the vehicle axles, sealed steering gear, tires renewed and air conditioning overhauled.

An appraisal shows state grade 2 with a replacement value of 150,000 euros.

Board folder

Report 2019 Condition Grade 2
H flag decrease
data card
Service manual / service history
Instructions harness system
Radio card
Warranty card 1971
operating manual
original workshop directory 1971
Care Products Guide

To the vehicle there are still several bills from the previous possession.


Paint: horizon blue 304
Upholstery: leather dark blue

automatic transmission
electric steel sunroof
Exterior mirrors left and right
Air conditioning Behr
front electric windows 2
electric windows rear 2
Radio Becker Europe
Antenna Automatic
Center armrests folding front
Thermal insulation glass green (tinted glass)
Upholstery genuine leather
Power steering
Kofstütze left front
Headrest right front
Auxiliary headlight front Bosch
Seat belts in front
Seat belts in the back
4x speakers

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