Land Rover 110 V8 Country ST H-Kennzeichen

Initial reg. 13.08.1987, 52.000 km

Very rare and rust free Land Rover 110 V8 Country ST with many extras


Initial reg.13.08.1987
km52.000 km
Colorcreme white
InterieurSports seats black
Capacity3.500 ccm
Performance103 kW
Transmission4 Speed manuell
Priceon demand
MwSt. nicht ausweisbar

Model History

The company Rover, later Land Rover, built from 1948, the same vehicle, which was not least known through the television series Daktari. The first three model series were designated Land Rover Series I, II and III. The fourth series (from autumn 1983) was initially marketed as One Ten (110) and Ninety (90), which corresponds to the wheelbase in inches. Striking technical changes were the suspension of the rigid axles to handlebars with coil springs instead of leaf springs and new diesel engines.
In the fall of 1989, when the discovery was introduced, a differentiation of the model name was necessary. The original car called Land Rover was called from September 1990 now "Land Rover Defender"

Between Serie 3 and the 1990 Defender there was the Versio 110 (one ten)
with a powerful 3.5 liter V8 petrol engine, built in 1987/1988. These vehicles are very rare to find especially in good rust condition and the long wheelbase. Prices for these vehicles today go on the market to well over 100,000 euros.


Rare Land Rover 110 ST V8 long-wheelbase petrol engine from only 1 hand and only 52tkm. The vehicle is absolutely stainless and in a very original external condition.

Since 1987, this vehicle has been driven by 2018 in one hand and technically modified as a new vehicle by the owner with much effort. It is for use in expedition / rallying with
provided completely new and highly heat / cold resistant harnesses,
and all instruments have been replaced by more accurate and robust instruments.

Also, the gas tank has been replaced by a Sport Safe Fuel Tank in the interior. Additional lights and a Ralley cockpit in the headliner complete the purpose of the ice ax.

A particularly strong roof rack is also installed.
Turn signals and tail lights are used for better visibility in larger version.

The steering wheel is out of the Ralleysport and can be taken off.
(A theft protection of a special kind)

The technique works fantastically and without defects.
Body is exceptionally original and without any rust

Also, for cold countries special lines of additional heating are laid. Both front seats are shell seats.
The floor is reinforced by corrugated metal inserts.

Furthermore, there are 3 folders with invoices, descriptions of the tags and their function as well as plans of electrical refinements available.

For further questions or information about this or any of our other classic vehicle offers please do not hesitate to take your calls.

Simply call us at: Tel 0 46 24 – 8031931

Board folder

Folder with data / documents / plans for conversion
tool kit
trailer hitch


Lacquer: cream beige
Upholstery: sports bucket seats black

Domestic equipments:
color glass
trailer hitch
roof rack
Snap off steering wheel
Power steering
Ralley sports cockpit in the headliner
Radio ports for driver and front passenger
Fuelsafe sports gas tank in the rear interior
heavy duty harnesses complete
Bigger turn signals and taillights
Auxiliary headlamp Hella
Checker plate bottom front
Additional instruments in front
Shell sport seats front left and right
Additional heating and additional heating cable in the interior
Cockpit auxiliary reading lights for tours
reserve tank

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