BMW Z8 Roadster E52

Initial reg. 26.04.2002, 52.186 km

Full service booklet, accident-free BMW Z 8 Roadster with full accessories: model car, Z8 book, performance package..usw ….


Initial reg.26.04.2002
km52.186 km
InterieurNappa Letaher creme-black
Capacity4.941 ccm
Performance294 kW
Transmission6-speed manuell
Price205.000,- €
MwSt. nicht ausweisbar

Model History

The design with wide BMW kidney and side air intakes, which was based on the 1956-1959 produced Roadster BMW 507, designed by Henrik Fisker. The interior was designed by Mike Ninic and Bruno Amatino, the steering wheel David Carp. Under the direction of Adrian van Hooydonk and David Carp, in close cooperation with the designers Fisker and Ninic, a concept vehicle was produced under the designation Z 07 [1], which has a high degree of similarity to the design of the production model

The interior can accommodate two people. The leather-covered seats are heatable and electrically adjustable. The steering wheel with three spokes, each consisting of four thin metal rods, is reminiscent of the style of the 1950s. The classic impression is enhanced by the round instruments located in the middle of the dashboard and the starter button.

The vehicle has the 5.0-liter V8 engine of the BMW M5 (E39S) with the designation S62B50. The engine delivers a maximum of 294 kW and accelerates the Z8 in 4.7 seconds to 100 km / h. Centrifugally controlled oil suction pumps ensure that the oil film does not break at high cornering speeds and corresponding lateral inclination of the car. The power is transmitted via a 6-speed manual transmission to the rear wheels


Accident-free and checkbook-maintained German BMW Z8 from only 2nd hand, and with only 52186 kilometers.

This Z8 was sold by the first owner as an annual car in the month of April 2003 to the 2nd owner and this held in inventory until 2016.
After that, the vehicle was in the collection without approval.

The car is completely complete with all accessories such as Buh, model car, phone cover etc.

In addition, there are in addition to the service booklet also all bills and Tüvberichte the 2nd owner.

At 52090 kilometers, the vehicle was subjected to a particularly large control, the vehicle computer read correctly,
and a particularly large report was carried out.

In the front end cosmetically repainted varnish layers were found
with a maximum of 380 mü.
The whole vehicle was checked electronically with a Lachschichten knife and the values ​​are in a protocol here.

The last service was done at 52034.
The tires on the alpine boards are renewed before delivery in the price! (are currently old)

Full service history at:
Delivery BMW
2300 BMW
14209 km BMW
29850 km BMW
38770 BMW
42522 BMW
48541 BMW
52078 BMW

In addition, there are bills for rim purchase
Measurement of the vehicle
Performance package installation

Board folder

Original leather board with:
operating manual
Workshop Directory Europe
BMW mobility service book
Operating instructions for navigation
Mobildrive Plus protection letter
Service book BMW
ECE / COC papers

Additionally an extra folder with:
Purchase contract from the first owner to the second in 2003 (annual car)
inspection bills
Alpina wheel set TÜV approval
Great report at 51tkm
Survey log at 51tkm
BMW digital Elite log 51tkm
Installation invoice Performance package BMW body reinforcement

Complete original accessories with:
BMW Z8 model car black / beige in original box
BMW Z8 book in original box
BMW Z8 sales brochure red
BMW Z8 vehicle cover gray
BMW Z8 wind deflector
BMW Z8 cover
BMW hardtop stand


Paint: black 668
Upholstery: soft leather crema-black
Soft top: crema
Hardtop in body color black

Performance package for the stability of the spring currents
Electrically adjustable. Exterior mirrors and heated
6-speed manual transmission
Hood electric
Rollover protection system
Xenon headlights
3rd brake light
Headlight washers
Windscreen tinted with band filter
CD changer
HIFI sound system
mobile phone
Outside temperature display
Cruise control
Driver and passenger airbags
Side airbags left and right
air conditioning
BMW sport seats electrically adjustable
Electric window lifts
Central locking with anti-theft protection and crash sensor
Alloy wheels Alpina 20 "
Leather steering wheel and gear knob
Power steering
DSC stabilization system
ASC + T traction control

Tires all around New, TÜV and AU new

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