Mercedes-Benz E 500 W124 Limousine

Initial reg. 12.11.1993, 68.500 km

Coming soon: perfectly maintained Mercedes-Benz E 500 W124 with only 86tkm and rare colour combination black metallic/leather beige


Initial reg.12.11.1993
km68.500 km
Color199 emeraldblackmetallic
Interieur265 Leather champignon
Capacity4.973 ccm
Performance235 kW
Priceon demand
MwSt. nicht ausweisbar

Model History

In the offer of W 124 sedans, the 500 E took a special position from the beginning. It was developed in cooperation with Porsche, where the necessary conversions were made to accommodate the 5l V8 engine from the SL (M 119 E 50) and partially assembled at the Porsche plant 1 in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. To this end, Daimler-Benz delivered most of the body parts to Porsche, where they were assembled using other parts from suppliers and parts that Porsche produced itself. Porsche put z. For example, the front fenders ago, which originated from Serienkotflügeln, in which the spacers were welded. The final assembly and engine assembly took place in Zuffenhausen. Finally, the finished vehicles were transported to Sindelfingen for final inspection and acceptance. The production of a 500 E lasted 18 days. [1] With the facelift 2, the 500 E was renamed to E 500.


Perfectly maintained and continuously check maintained Mercedes-Benz E 500 model 1994 from Swiss first delivery, in particularly elegant and rare color combination blue-black metallic with leather upholstery creamy beige.

The vehicle is in an excellent collector’s condition, all inspections have been made exclusively at Mercedes Benz workshops.

The car is accident-free and has no scratches or dents, and the interior is in a very well maintained original condition.

The 8-hole aluminum rims are new, as are the tires.

By the year 2006, this E 500 was first-hand in Switzerland, and was imported by our company to Germany for a collector.
In 2011, the car changed by our mediation in another collection. During the entire period from 2006 to 2019 he was regularly moved, about 900 kilometers per year.

All electrical controls, instruments and equipment (eg air conditioning / cruise control / E seats etc.) are in full working order.

Before handing over to the next owner, a technical inspection, TÜV and AU is carried out.

For further questions or information about this or any of our other classic vehicle offers please do not hesitate to take your calls.

Simply call us at: Tel 04624-8031931

Board folder

Original board with:
Checkbook / Wartungsheft
Touring Warranty Booklet
operation manual
code card
Swiss emissions test book
Radio code card
CD changer code card
Alarm system sticker for the windows (unused)
Additional instructions Anti-theft alarm system
Additional instructions towing and towing

Full service history / Maintenance at:

Delivery Mercedes-Benz Switzerland
861 KM
14549 KM
30628 KM
48550 KM
61444 KM
65530 KM

All work is done exclusively at Mercedes Benz workshops


E 500 sedan
Color: 199 blue-black - metallic
Upholstery: 275 leather champignon

222 Passenger seat electrically adjustable
240 outside temperature display
241 driver's seat electrically adjustable with memory
243 sport seats front and rear
249 Interior mirror automatically dimmable
281 leather steering wheel (390 mm diameter) and leather shift lever
291 Airbag for passenger
300 precious wood box between front seats
301 precious wood box between rear seats
305 dust filter
400 armrest hinged in the rear
412 sliding lift-roof electric
420 gearbox automatic 4-speed middle shift
430 headrests in the rear 2gang
440 cruise control
441 Steering column electrically adjustable
442 Airbag for driver
466 central locking
470 Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
471 traction control system (ASR)
480 level regulation on the rear axle
510 Radio MB-Exquisit RDS
531 Antenna automatically with radio installation
540 Electric roller blind for rear window
543 sun visors with illuminated mirror
551 Burglary and theft warning system with immobilizer
570 Armrest folding front
581 Automatic climate control
584 electric power window 4x
592 Heat-insulating glass with band filter Hecksch. laminated glass
600 headlight wiper system
611 exit lights in the doors
620 emission control system
652 light-alloy wheels 5-gang 8-hole
673 battery with larger capacity
682 fire extinguishers mounted
731 Wood execution Burr walnut
819 CD changer in the trunk
873 seat heating electric front seats
875 windscreen washer heated
877 reading lights in the rear left and right
915 fuel tank with larger capacity (90 l)

TÜV and AU new before delivery

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