Porsche 928 GTS

Initial reg. 28.06.1995, 65.800 km

New from us: Checkbook-maintained Porsche 928 GTS from only two hands, German and with only 65 tkm and top equipment


Initial reg.28.06.1995
km65.800 km
InterieurFull Leather black
Capacity5.397 ccm
Performance257 kW
Price75.900,- €
MwSt. nicht ausweisbar

Model History

928 GTS (1992-1995)

The Porsche 928 GTS represents the last version of this model series.
In the 1992 model year, the Porsche 928 GTS was presented, replacing the S4 and the GT. The new car had a larger engine, which developed an output of 257 kW (350 hp) at 5700 rpm from a displacement of 5397 cm³ (5.4 litres).

The chassis and the brake system have also been revised and further improved.

The GTS was distinguished from its predecessors, the S4 and GT, by the widened rear end and the continuous strip of lights. The rear wing was now painted in body color, the exterior mirrors had a new shape. The 17-inch light-alloy wheels in the so-called CUP design were also part of the standard equipment. The 928 GTS was offered in this form and equipment almost unchanged until production was discontinued in 1995. It recently cost more than DM 178,000 in the basic price.

With the end of the 928, Porsche said goodbye to the concept of the classic Gran Turismo for several years. Only with the production of the Porsche Panamera does Porsche again offer a sports car that can be counted among them


Checkbook-maintained and accident-free Porsche 928 GTS with original only 65800 kilometers
One of the last vehicles built from 06-1995

The vehicle has only been registered in Germany.

The maintenance history is fully documented in the service book,
the important work, such as changing the timing belt with a water pump, was done at 59,800 kilometers.
There is no maintenance backlog.

The body is free of dents, dents and scratches; The paint has a very good sheen.

The full leather passenger compartment is in a fantastically original and remarkably well-kept original condition.

Thanks to the continuous and good maintenance and service history, the
Engine, chassis and transmission technology function perfectly.

The additional equipment of the vehicle is very extensive with an electric sunroof, fully electric seats (driver’s side with memory) and the full leather interior in anthracite and more.

Board folder

Original board folder with
Operating Instructions 928
Workshop directory 1995
Radio instructions Porsche Classic Navi/CD
Maintenance booklet/service book
key code card

number of keys 4

Extra folder with invoices from the second owner

Checkbook maintained by:
Delivery 06/28/1995 PZ (Porsche center)
7828 km PZ
10709 km PZ
13064 km PZ
14103 km PZ
49002 km PZ
51135 km PZ
53117 km Porsche special workshop
57040 km PZ
59346 km PZ
60654 km Porsche special workshop


Porsche 928 GTS
Lacquer: black metallic
Upholstery: Full leather upholstery natural anthracite

climate control
electric steel sunroof
Automatic drive
Airbag for driver
Airbag for passenger
cruise control
Comfort seats left and right in front
Fully electric driver's seat with 3-level memory
fully electric passenger seat
el. Heated driver's seat
el.Seat heating passenger seat
electric windows left and right
fog lights
Center armrest with compartment
Sound system 6 speakers
Radio Porsche Classic with navigation and CD
Roof antenna for radio and telephone
tonneau cover
Luggage compartment net for securing luggage
Aluminum rims Cup2 with star in body colour
Colored wheel hub cap
Cup mirror
el. Outside mirror adjustable left and right
Heated exterior mirrors
Seat belts for rear seats
activated carbon filter
electric rear window wiper
headlight cleaning
Reinforced battery
limited slip differential 40%
Flank protection strips left and right
Heat-insulating glass all green
Sporty chassis tuning
alarm system
Power steering
central locking system
Battery switch in the trunk
tool set

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